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What Graduate Business Programs May Be Right For Me?

Discover what graduate business programs your peers are considering as they venture on their journey to fulfill their dreams. The answers to the 5 questions on the following pages are compared to tens of thousands of your peers to match your response pattern to program types considered (listed below), including MBA and business Master’s program. The results show the programs that match and are labeled “High,” “Medium,” and “Low.”

  • Full-time two-year MBA
  • Full-time one-year MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Flexible MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Joint degree with an MBA
  • Master in management
  • Master in global/international management
  • Master of accounting
  • Master of taxation
  • Master of finance
  • Master of human resources
  • Master of business technology
  • Master of marketing
  • Master of project management
  • Master of real estate
  • Master of health administration
  • Master of engineering management
  • Master of entrepreneurship
  • Master of supply chain management
  • Master of data analytics
  • Post-graduate degree/diploma
  • PhD/DBA

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