GMAC Prospective Students Survey 2021

The Prospective Students Survey 2021 Report

Welcome to the 2021 GMAC Prospective Students Survey Research Tool!

This interactive report presents detailed results of our ongoing monthly online survey of individuals who register on, the GMAC website for prospective graduate business students. The survey offers an inside look into the preferences, program choices, needs, and opinions of thousands of individuals who are contemplating taking the GMAT exam in preparation for applying to a graduate business school program.

The report contains data collected worldwide from 9,839 registrants in 2019 and 8,430 registrants in 2020.

GMAC shares this information with business schools to help them answer critical questions such as:

• Whom should my program recruit?
• What influences individuals to apply to business school?
• What barriers might stand in their way?
• When do prospective students make decisions?
• Which programs compete for their attention?
• What does their ideal business program look like?

Graduate business school professionals can use the survey results to understand their target audience, build messages and brands, allocate resources, and develop recruitment strategies for their institutions.

NEW GROUPS IN REPORT: The 2021 Prospective Students Survey Interactive Report includes new options that you may use to configure your subgroup analyses. After clicking on the 'Data Report' below, use the 'Configure Report' button in the upper left to segment the analysis for up to two groups. The new options are as follows:

• US Race/Ethnicity (On the configuration menu, select Location = 'Citizenship,' 'Country/Location', and 'United States');
• 31 US Metro Areas (On the configuration menu, select Location = 'Residence,' 'Country/Location', and 'United States');
• Provinces in Canada (On the configuration menu, select Location = 'Residence,' 'Country/Location', and 'Canada')
• Regions in India (On the configuration menu, select Location = 'Residence,' 'Country/Location', and 'India');
• Regions in China (On the configuration menu, select Location = 'Residence,' 'Country/Location', and 'China');

In addition, you can choose among 51 citizenship groups and 50 locations of residence.

Please click the 'Data Report' button below to begin.