Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020

The Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020 Report

Data Report

In February and March 2020, the Graduate Management Admission Council surveyed employers that recruit and/or hire masters-level business school students. This survey, which we refer to as the Corporate Recruiters Survey examines the job outlook for recent graduate business students as well as employer needs and expectations. This year 712 employers in 29 locations around the world responded. This broad representation of the employer spectrum was possible through the efforts of 135 business schools and partners around the world.

The objectives of this data tool are to report on:
  • The current employment landscape
  • The skills employers seek in recent business school graduates
  • Employer needs and hiring practices and trends across industries and world regions

Note: Our survey data collection ended on March 16th, shortly after the World Health Organization declared a pandemic because of COVID-19, which significantly impacted the economy and employers’ hiring plans. As a result, GMAC decided not to leverage the data collected to report on hiring projections and salaries for 2020 since it is most likely not an accurate reflection of employer intentions. GMAC will field an additional survey mid-year to assess how the employment landscape is evolving.

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